CH Steel Solutions, Inc.

 CH Steel Solutions offers warehouses and Metal Service Centers unmatched expertise from 30 years of experience in racking, equipment and material handling. Whether your plant is small or large we have the knowledge to offer the best solution custom tailored to your needs and budget. 

In 1979 Chandler Holmes moved from Ohio to California and founded The Chandler Holmes Company in Huntington Beach, CA. He quickly developed a reputation for having excellent products as well as a passion for integrity and customer service. A chance meeting with Ed Shile that same year (Palmer Shile Rack Co.) convinced Chandler there was a need for a reliable cantilever rack supplier and installation company in the Los Angeles area. In less than a year he was selling and installing cantilever rack not only to Metal Service Centers in California but coast to coast nationwide!

In 2008 Chandler brought his nephew Ken Ertel into the business and a new company name was added; CH Steel Solutions, Inc. Ken came with 23 years of metals service center experience in operations, sales and general management. Quickly Ken and Chandler started a new growth phase for the company including adding Combilift side loaders to the products offered. We continue to forge ahead with our growth plans and new products despite Chandler's unexpected passing in 2010. In his spirit of integrity and enterprise CH Steel Solutions, Inc diligently continues to offer our customers superior products, fair prices and excellent service!

(Chandler surveying rack installation, 2007)