Cantilever Rack

CH Steel Solutions, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in cantilever rack for metal service centers. From small light loads to very large heavy cantilever racking for heavy and long loads we have the knowledge and products to give you a safe and secure rack system.

We have long been the industry recognized experts in Palmer Shile style cantilever rack. We also supply parts and racking in Clymer, Unarco, Frazier, and Interlake style. 

All cantilever racks are NOT the same! We can explain why and offer you the right racking system and design specifically for you.

Seismic area or narrow guided aisle setup? No problem! We have many years of experience with seismic zones in California and the West. We sell Combilift side loaders and have installed hundreds of guided aisle and free standing cantilever racking systems at metal service centers nationwide with a variety of side loader brands and styles.